Will VoIP Benefit My Business?

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Will VoIP Benefit My Business?

Will VoIP Benefit My Business?


You’ve probably been hearing a lot lately about the pros and cons of Voice Over Internet Protocol. As with any technology, it will suit some businesses better than others. The important thing is to keep in mind the specific needs of your organization. Here are some questions to ask yourself regarding VoIP:


Do you and your employees need to stay connected even when not at the office?

  • 6You’re out of town at a conference and get an important business call – on your laptop. You’re on the road and receive an urgent voice mail – in your email inbox. As long as you have access to a broadband connection, you can use your VoIP system anywhere, such as in a hotel room, a coffee shop, or at a friend’s house. Customers and employees can stay in touch just by calling your regular business phone number. They don’t need to call your cell phone, which helps ensure your privacy as well as save precious cell phone minutes.


Are you looking for flexibility in your phone system?

  • Your business can have a phone number with a Vancouver area code, even though your office is in Toronto. This makes you appear local to a new market. Aside from making phone calls, you can also conduct video conferencing calling through your VoIP phone. This allows you to stay in touch with co-workers and clients to discuss important deals, affairs, meetings, files, documents, agendas, no matter where you are.


Would you like to cut back your telecommunications costs?

  • 4By sending voice data over the Internet, making a phone call becomes as inexpensive as sending an e-mail since your business can eliminate the entire traditional phone system. Unlike regular phone lines, VoIP offers numerous features that won’t cost you extra, such as: voicemail to email box, caller ID, conference calling, forwarding and call waiting. You will also receive unlimited local calling and significantly reduced rates for long distance.


Businesses sometimes question the quality of VoIP calls. Technology has come a long way recently to overcome this previous issue. The truth is, you’ll find the benefits of VoIP will far outweigh any potential drawbacks. Test it out. A reputable VoIP service provider is more than happy to give you a trial run. Test a VoIP service first with just a few users. Once you’re satisfied with the service, then you can roll it out to other employees. It’s easy to make the switch and the cost savings can be quite substantial. Give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose except a phone bill!

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