Too Small for Toll-Free? Guess Again!

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Too Small for Toll-Free? Guess Again!

1-844-441-VOIP   Too Small for Toll-Free Numbers?

When I started in this industry, toll-free numbers were luxuries that only big businesses could afford.  That’s not the case anymore.  Changes in the industry have made toll-free service accessible to all businesses no matter what their size or budget.  Instead of asking yourself if you can afford a toll-free number, ask if you afford NOT to have one.

Back in 1967, AT&T was first to roll out “automated collect calling”, as a way for companies to incur expensive long distance charges as a courtesy to a customer trying to reach them. Back in 1970, a 3-minute long distance call would have cost 70¢, or approximately $4.40 in today’s terms. That meant a huge relief to the customer if they’re on the phone for any length of time to sort out a product issue. Toll-free numbers were out of reach for many smaller businesses due to the high call costs. Fortunately, with today’s advancements in telephony, long distance rates are at an all-time low, and with the use of communication systems such as VOIP, the costs almost disappear.


Having a toll-free number adds a level of professionalism to your business. It says to the world, “ABC Company reaches markets outside of their local area”. If a business is servicing more than just its own geographical location, it implies that it’s reputable enough to operate at an advanced level.

Marketing Tool

One of the biggest advantages of toll-free numbers is the ability to use them to test your marketing campaigns. Want to know if anyone is reading your billboard? Did people pay attention to the newspaper ad? Was there new business coming from the trade show? Assign a toll-free number to each campaign and track which gets the most response.

Vanity number

With a catchy phone number, clients are more likely to remember you. When you’re thinking     of sending flowers, 1-800-FLOWERS is the number you’re going to call. Be creative. If you’re a lawyer, instead of using your name like 1-800-RayBell, use something memorable like 1-800-BellLaw. Only use common spellings of words so as not to confuse customers.

Simplify for customers

No matter where a customer is, they can reach you easily and without cost if you have a toll-free number. Customers like easy. It will keep you one step above the competition. If you’re a small business, it will give the impression of a bigger presence, which helps instill trust in current and potential customers.

Icing on the cake

Google seems to rule the world. Use this to your advantage. Toll-free numbers are used by Google on digital click-to-call campaigns. If customers call from Google, businesses can access data about the caller’s search history, location and more.

Toll-free numbers are more cost effective than ever using VoIP. Take advantage of connecting to customers and elevating your reputation in the business world by not limiting yourself to a local phone number.


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