6 Cool Gadgets for the Office!

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6 Cool Gadgets for the Office!

A Penny Saved is a Penny earned. Now let’s spend it on

6 Cool Gadgets for the Office!

Many businesses are catching on to the trend of using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to reduce their monthly expenses while improving their communication abilities within the company and between employees. Pantechnicon loves putting those processes in place to save you money, however, in this blog, we’re going to show you some cool business gadgets you can spend your savings on!


primeraprinterAt just 2.7 lbs, this all-in-one printer is ready for any business excursion. You can scan, copy, and print documents. Print speed of up to 3.1 ppm black, 2.4 ppm color. Scan and copy images at 600 DPI and print at 4800 x 1200 dpi. An optional battery means you can print even on an airplane.



This low-cost 3D printer uses Polylactic Acid (PLA) plastic filament, which is a fancymaxresdefault way of saying it can make 3D objects that are about 6x4x5 inches in size. The main perk is that you don’t have to know a ton about 3D printing, you just load up and press print.


solproDriving to a meeting? Put this baby on your dash. After 90 minutes in direct sunlight, this solar charger will have enough power to charge your smartphone once. There are two USB ports and the device can charge your phone as it draws energy from the sun (even if the charger itself is at zero).


Massive tablets might not seem too portable, but this 18-inch monster is designed for conference rooms and meetings. There’s a kickstand so you can use it like a normal Windows 8 touchscreen computer. It has a 178-degree viewing angle so even the CEO can participate.


xc6-most-rugged-tablet-pcWork on a construction site? Here’s a great solution to keep you connected. Built tougher than any other rugged tablet on the market, the Xplore XC6 series outstrips the competition in performance, features, durability, and resiliency. Drop-Ready and Resilient Around Water and Dust Exposure with processing power to meet your needs.



With its fire/water protection, superior performance, scalability, resilience, and comiosafe-1515-vmwareprehensive features, ioSafe® NAS 1515+ is the ideal storage solution for your growing business. Featuring a quad-core processor, hardware encryption engine, and flawless software integration, the ioSafe 1515+ is a powerful, expandable 5-bay NAS server that delivers outstanding speed and accelerated data encryption. The 1515+ can help to simplify disaster recovery, business continuity, data management, sharing storage for storage and backup – with minimal setup and the freedom to expand capacity at any time.

499966-acer-h7550stSmall businesses usually have smaller board rooms. A short-throw projector is an ideal solution. You can place one on a desk near the screen and still project an image that’s as large as 25 feet. This model sports a nifty feature: plug in a Google Chromecast USB dongle to show slides without a computer.



There’s lot of great ways that your VoIP savings can be put back into your business. On the other hand, there’s also toilet golf.

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